Wood Containers for Cremation Ashes - Cremation Urns and Burial Boxes

VanEss Expressions is ceasing all operations.

We will sell what little remains in our On Line Store , but then we are going to
re-think exactly what we want we want to do & how best to proceed in the future.

VanEss Expressions is a Ma & Pa operation - and we both work full time 'regular' jobs.
We started VanEss Expressions because we love working with wood and creating
unique & original wood gifts and home decor items. But in the past few years - it has
started to totally consume our lives, and we have found it just impossible to keep up.
We hope to be back someday- but I don't know when.

We apologize for not responding to those who have recently sent in inquiries,
and our sincere apologies and 'Thanks' to our long time, devoted customers.

Box-Type Cremation Urns for Human Cremated Ashes
Vase-Type Pet Cremation Urns & Pet Memorial Boxes
Box-Type Wood Cremation Urns / Cremation Boxes - for HUMAN Cremation Ashes Wood Pet Cremation Urns / Pet Memorial Boxes - Vase-Type Cremation Urns are only available for PET Cremation Ashes

There’s a wide selection of containers for human cremation ashes (cremation urns & burial boxes) available - ranging from hundreds to several thousand dollars (which may not be a viable option for many people). There are an equal number of Pet Cremation Urns and Pet Memorial Boxes (for pet cremation ashes along with other items associated with the pet). But many people do not care for the traditional off-the-shelf styles available and want something more personalized - special.

VanEss Expressions is a 'Ma & Pa' woodworking business out of Minneapolis Minnesota - creating original and custom handmade wood gifts & home decor. Cremation urns and burial boxes are not part of our normal product lines - but we can custom make attractive, quality wood containers for cremation ashes as an affordable alternative to the Cremation Urns, Cremation Containers, and Burial Boxes currently available.

Two Basic Styles of Containers for Cremation Ashes (Cremation Urns)

The term 'Urns' is typically pictured as large lidded vases, but 'Cremation Urns' refers to all of the containers that hold cremated ashes - both vase-type and box-type containers. Human cremated ashes typically come from the funeral home in plastic bags inside cardboard or hard plastic boxes or containers. Box-type Cremation Urns are made to hold these cremation ash containers. Vase-type Cremation Urns are used to hold the plastic bags which contain the cremated ashes. (Typically cremation ashes are not placed in direct contact with the wood containers.)

Box-Type Cremation Urns - Containers for Human Cremated Ashes

Our individually handmade box-type Cremation Urns / Burial Boxes are custom made to hold the specific cremated ash containers in an attractive - yet affordable way. Since these ash containers come in a variety of sizes (depending on the funeral home or crematory used) - our handmade wooden Cremation Urns / Burial Boxes are individually handcrafted for the specific dimensions of the ash containers and taking into consideration if the Cremation Urn / Box will be kept at a loved one's home, placed in a burial vault, etc. All of our handmade Cremation Urns are customized and personalized to our customer's wishes regarding size/shape, type of wood, decorations, etc. (But please remember, we are not in the 'memorial services business' and do not offer all the misc. services or options that may be available at places which specialize in memorial services.)

Our standard types of wood are Oak, Ash, Maple, Cherry, Hickory & Walnut, though other types are wood are also available. All of our handcrafted wood box-type Cremation Urns / Burial Boxes have decorative box-joint corners and are totally finished inside and out. ** If desired, we can custom make Cremation Urns and Burial Boxes from unfinished pine. **

Vase-Type Cremation Urns for Cremated Ashes (Pet Cremation Urns)

Vase-type Cremation Urns come in many materials, including wood. And most lidded vases can be used as Cremation Urns if they have the capacity to hold the cremated ashes. While we can 'turn' fairly large wood vases / urns, we have not made (as of this writing) any vase-type cremation urns to hold human cremated ashes - though we have made vase-type cremation urns for pet ashes.

VanEss Expressions does not 'stock' Cremation Ash Containers/Urns

Please understand, we do not 'stock' any containers for cremated ashes - Cremation Urns or Cremation Boxes, nor do we have product lines or price lists from which to choose. As with all of the wood gifts & home decor items we sell, Cremation containers (Cremation Urns or Cremation / Burial Boxes) are individually and personally handcrafted by us in our Minnesota workshop. And all wood cremation containers (cremation urns or cremation / memorial boxes) are only available as a custom order. Prices depend on the size, shape, design details and type of wood(s). And if an order is accepted - depending on our current workload - we would need a minimum of 4 weeks, after the specifics are worked out.

Box-Type Cremation Urns for Human Cremated Ashes
Vase-Type Pet Cremation Urns & Pet Memorial Boxes

Also see our Handcrafted Wood Boxes and Handmade Wood Vases for possible ideas,
then Contact Us regarding custom Cremation Urns & Cremation Burial Boxes.

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